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Upper Class Twit of the Year/Biggest Douche in the Universe

Thom Hartmann interviews the Amazingly Transparently Stupid Man, The Anti-Michael,  Stephen Moore:

I don’t know what it is about Moore that gets under my skin more than the rest of the douchebag brigade; I think it’s that goofy nervous laughing he does whenever someone points out how full of bullshit he is, right before he reverts back to repeating the same retarded talking point he just got tagged for making.

The beauty of this interview is in the last 30 seconds, where even after Godwinning the entire conversation by invoking how “Hitler was democratically elected,” Moore gets pinned to the mat by Hartmann for his declaration that capitalism is more important than democracy.

And of course it is, to Stephen Moore.  That’s been my problem with these guys since forever – their contention that the highest ideal of democracy in this country can only be expressed by protecting and easing the path for the wealthy and powerful to acquire ever more wealth and power.  Democracy doesn’t begin to enter into it.

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