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Me and My Google

Stuff I’ve felt compelled to search out via google over the past few weeks:

Taste of gravel – I can’t be the only one who ever put a piece of it in my mouth when I was a kid, though the google seems to suggest so. And yes, it has a very distinctive taste.

Rush Limbaugh’s Manhattan apartment – Clearly not the domicile of a manly man.

Teabagging – I was unable to find the really funny image I was looking for which came from some type of wizards & warlocks type video game, and thereby died what would have been the FUNNIEST POST EVER WRITTEN ON THE INTERNETS. But there are plenty of other examples out there, just could not find the one I remember as reducing me to tears.

Daylight savings time

Lust for Life lyrics – Long live Iggy Pop.

Nutria – Just be glad I didn’t include Calvin Trillin’s recipe sampler.

Muskrat – Part of an ongoing fetish for animal identification, which extends to trying to help friends without internet access ID animals I didn’t see myself.

Penis mightier than the sword – According to google, no such thing exists.

Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends – If you never saw it, worth checking out.

The Kraken – S,N! commenter Release the Kraken! must assume full responsibility. Funny, though, that I had made a mental association between The Kraken and Cthulhu before looking up what The Kraken was – turns out to be pretty close.

  1. BDay
    March 26, 2010 at 11:40 pm

    I use Google in such a utilitarian way. After both your posts I looked at my history, and it’s all to check spelling, find an address, phone number or email address, go directly to a Web site or confirm a definition.

    The few interesting things I’ve G’ed: Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, jaberwocky, Ecuador cuisine, oreos partially hydrogenated, clamato budweiser, Move on When Ready, Does Condoleeza Rice have children?

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