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Blast From the Past

Writing about our old comics collection the other day reminded me of that great MAD Magazine parody of The Exorcist – so I went looking for it online.

Gosh, don’t we love the internets!  Presented here are two panels from the parody feature (The Ecchorcist), setting up the premise of the story:

The Ecchorcist, frame 2

Here’s the set-up…now wait for it…

The Ecchorcist, frame 3

… and ….

                …  BOOM!!!!


It’s funny that in all the years since I first read this feature, every time the name “Richard Nixon” comes up, this image and the words “Whoops!  Wrong house in Washington, D.C. where something evil has been taking place!” flashes into my mind.  Along with a little detail of the frame that somehow got cropped out when sizing the image – and which I am way too lazy to fix – a roll of the old reel-to-reel audiotape laying on the White House lawn.

So since age 11, I’ve thought of this image every time Nixon or Watergate came up, but in re-reading the entire feature, I see that there were plenty of other reasons for my fond remembrances.  You can see the whole parody here on flickr.

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