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Random drive-bys: My morning commute

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I recently found on my phone a bunch of photos I’d been snapping over the past few months. There were a good many of the abortion protesters that have greeted me for several years now on my drive to work. There must be a doctor’s office that performs abortions in this office complex. For a while, it was every single day, rain or shine, usually the same lady, maybe with a friend, with signs, a Bible and a rosary. Lately, it’s every now and again but a crowd of different people — sometimes they even get little kids involved. (I always wonder what the kids’ excuse for missing school is. Maybe they’re homeschooled.)

Anyway, thanks to these folks, and my policy of always answering my kids’ questions truthfully, my own children are now well versed in what abortion is and even to some extent the debate surrounding it. But I have to say they really don’t understand it, even at 15 and 12. Which is my biggest gripe with the protesters. If you really care about kids, why subject them to this? For goodness sakes, I won’t even let mine watch PG-13 movies or play Teen video games, but they see bloody fetuses on the way out of the neighborhood? Sort of the same concept as the big highway billboards advertising strip clubs for truckers.

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  1. BDay
    April 29, 2010 at 9:15 am

    Jaffner, I’m guessing you will be unduly distracted by the architectural accidental dong in this office complex. Try to pay attention to the signs instead.

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