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But What About FECES?

I’ve been waiting for months for someone to post this video on the YouTube:

Yes, it’s bad…but the original, longer version was way worse.  I think maybe it’s because of the maniacal grin the woman has on her face when she says “feces.”  I also love how she’s sitting on a white couch in a white room with white carpet while cheerfully chatting about feces.  You can see the original version here – it’s not in a format I could embed.

I think this commercial could be made into an awesome Xtranormal video.  Just imagine one of those robotic voices saying “but what about feces?”  Alas, when I went to the Xtranormal site, it looked like I would have to learn how to use it in order to produce said awesome video, and I’m lazy, so it will never happen unless there’s someone out there with a similar warp less lazy than I am.

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