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My Name is Inigo Montoya. You Killed 3,000 of My Fellow Countrymen. Prepare to Die.

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I’m not one to go waving flags and cheering in the streets because someone died, but I can’t say I’m sorry that Osama bin Laden no longer walks among the living (and the burial at sea was a great idea, no matter how many conspiracy nuts will claim that the whole thing was faked.  Burial at sea means there’s no gravesite to enshrine.  We can’t go basing important decisions on what the crazy people will claim, and I’m glad Obama didn’t.  Also, too:  ocean burial is a prophylactic to Zombie Osama bin Laden.  Should Osama be reanimated, his zombie body would be consumed by sharks well before it could ever swim to shore.  Regular zombies are bad enough so just imagine how bad a Zombie Osama bin Laden would be.  Better safe than sorry, I say.)  I do love, however, that they undertook the mission on the anniversary of Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” prance around the deck of an aircraft carrier in a flightsuit.  Somehow I don’t think the timing was coincidental.

Just wait, though.  I boldly predict that within 2 weeks, wingnuts will be out there pissing and moaning about how Obama “politicized” the mission by targeting that date in order to embarrass Bush; that it was reckless for Obama to “delay” the mission to synch up with the anniversary of Bush’s prance on the aircraft carrier; & etc.  Unmentioned in all the criticism will be the fact that Bush failed for 7 years to do the job Obama accomplished in little over 2, largely because it wasn’t important to him, as he illustrated in both words and actions in the 7 years following his “Dead or Alive” pledge delivered for the cameras from his photo-op at Ground Zero.  No matter; the wingnutterati will find some way to claim the credit for Bush.  Because the thought that a negro is outperforming the sub-normal scion of a wealthy & powerful family that they’ve been worshipping all these years will just make their heads hurt, and that pain will only go away if they think happy thoughts.  Who gives a fuck if they’re true?

Swear to god, sometimes I think the only way to interrupt this entirely predictable sequence would be for Obama to just whip out his huge enormous gargantuan black penis and smack it on the podium while challenging the haters:  “Now, show us what you’ve got.”

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