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Christmas Recordings: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

First, the good.  I’ve always loved this one because…Eartha Kitt, what’s not to love?  She went on to play Cat Woman and I have a pet named after her.  This one is kind of the ultimate Christmas gold digger’s anthem and plenty sexually suggestive without being all whiny soul about it, but it retains its charm almost 60 years later:

The following is bad as in “not nice”, but it’s one of my favorite Christmas recordings, one that you don’t hear on the radio these days, probably because we’re all getting old and YOU DAMN KIDS GET OFFA MY LAWN!!!  Anyway, since it’s not a regular radio feature anymore, I looked it up on the youtube, so here it is:

This next one isn’t ugly itself but the song it covers is.  It’s ripping on the worst Christmas song of all time, which I covered in some great detail last year.  I didn’t know this bit existed then, so it’s a relief to know that others hate that song every bit as much as I do:

Trivia about the topic of that last video – they actually made that shitty song into a made-for-TV-movie (I posted a clip of it last year – !Rob Lowe!) and it was the second-highest-rated TV movie of 2002, proving that A Very Brady Christmas‘ ratings coup in 1988 was no fluke and that we are indeed a decadent and dying culture.

Merry Christmas!

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