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Happy Belated New Year

Given that we’re a week into the new year already, I figured it was time to put up something on the ol’ blog.

I spent New Year’s as usual, with the other 2 weird sisters in Atlanta.  This year the feat of the annual New Year’s Day mass feeding was even more miraculous than usual, given that Beth still doesn’t have a kitchen.  Something like 40 people were fed out of a room lacking a sink, stove, oven or dishwasher.  As our friend Kyle said, “talk about your loaves and fishes!”  Since Kyle has helpfully posted on the event here, and unlike me is not too lazy to take photos, I’ll not re-do his work.

My trip included the obligatory treks to Ikea and Trader Joe’s, things we don’t get to do here in the benighted hinterlands because, as the folks at Trader Joe’s told me when I called and begged them to open a store in Little Rock, “Arkansas isn’t in our two-year plan.”  Well, no shit – we’re not in anyone’s two-year plan, and apparently not in the five-year plan either, since that conversation took place 3 years ago and still – no Trader Joe’s.

But the best part, as usual, was seeing out the old year and ringing in the new with a group of people, most of whom I have known for 30 years or longer now.  Old times, both those that bear remembering and those that we’d rather not, were discussed.  I learned to my shock and embarrassment that more people I know in real life than I thought read the horrible things I post here, something I’ll have to try to forget or I’ll never write anything else again.

There have been some great new people added into the mix over the years as well – friends’ children and the parents of those children’s friends, neighbors, and others.  It’s always a good time and over the years has become my favorite holiday tradition.

One of the topics of conversation that came up over the three day visit was Portlandia.  Allison brought it up and we talked about the feminist bookstore; Beth had never seen it.  Then the topic of Portlandia came up over at Sadly, No! just yesterday.  So to close out a post that really isn’t going anywhere, other than to wish you and yours a happy 2012, here it is:

There are several other feminist bookstore clips on the youtube, but if you’ve never seen the show, this is a good intro.

  1. Jeff
    January 7, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Hi Jennifer….it was great seeing you at Beth’s house over the New Year weekend. I laughed my ass off, the Friday before NY’s Eve, with you, Lyta and The Beth. Jennifer, you must start up the social media site “Shouty Face”……you must……we can then stab each other, in place of poking each other….and we must say “fuck off” instead of “liking” somebody’s post.
    Jennifer….will you please be my FB fer-rend,,,,,at least until you develop and bring on board the “Shouty Face” site?

  2. jennofark
    January 9, 2012 at 10:58 am

    It was good to see you too. In response to your queries:

    1) I would love to start up ShoutyFace, the antisocial networking site, but I lack both the technical expertise and the money to do anything with it. If you have either, let’s talk about it. I think Lyta has semi-volunteered the services of her computer geek ex-husband, though I’m not sure how HE feels about it.

    2) I will not be your Facebook friend, for the simple reason that I HATE FACEBOOK!!! I only have a page because an ex-business partner insisted I had to have one; when I kicked that psychopath to the curb and re-organized the business as the sole owner, Facebook pwn3d me by making me link my business page to my personal one…something I will eventually get around to fixing, by deleting the personal account and starting over. Seriously, I am the most useless Facebook friend you can imagine, for the simple reason that I never look at it and never respond to anything – or anyone – there.

    3) Instead of a thumbs-up symbol, the ShoutyFace symbol is a hand flipping the bird.

    4) We might want to give a little more thought to this whole idea of an antisocial networking site since it is, after all, an oxymoron. It’s kind of like setting up a support group for the organizationally-impaired, where no one can ever get their shit together long enough to organize a meeting. Something to think on….

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