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Slow And Steady Kicks Your Ass

A few weeks ago, I observed that cat-biting seems to be a favorite turtle activity.  Here’s more evidence:

But apparently, cats aren’t the only things turtles like to bite:

I told you turtles were little bastards!

I also found this unrelated, but I thought amazing, series of bald eagles hanging out with cats.  I always thought an eagle would eat a cat, but maybe not:

You’ve gotta love the impotent paw swipe at the end.

The eagles seem to hang out with the cats fairly often:

The youtube is full of interesting animal interactions – deer grooming cats, cats nursing rabbits – you name it.  I went looking around because I’ve got a squirrel who’s pretty tame and will come up onto the porch when I’m out there to eat birdseed and fetch pecans (I have a bunch of unshelled pecans that are too small to bother shelling).  The first time the cat saw the squirrel out there with me, she went out and sat right in the middle of the pecans.  So the squirrel comes back after hiding one of the nuts, wants the rest of those pecans, and gets all up in her grill.  Eartha quite frankly didn’t know how to handle it – she backed off and went to sit in her chair.  That’s how it’s gone pretty much ever since.  I think the squirrel is very curious of her – it’s tried a couple of times to get up close enough to the end of her tail to sniff (or bite?) it, and when it gets within a couple of inches, she freaks out and either runs or menaces the squirrel to get it to back off.  She’ll still try to chase the squirrel sometimes, and a few days ago actually managed to jump right on top of it before deciding immediately to let it go.  I think she knows that squirrels are pretty scrappy, so it unnerves her when one walks right up to where she’s sitting in her chair and puts its face within 6 inches of hers.  Maybe at some point I’ll get some photos of them together and put them up.

  1. March 26, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    Eagles can’t rapt anything over about two lbs. (I think) so only kittens would be in danger.

    But hey, it’s difficult to soar w/ eagles when you work w/ turkeys.

    • jennofark
      March 27, 2012 at 4:41 pm

      Yeah, according to the wiki, bald eagles go for prey up to about 4 lbs., and they are mostly fish-eaters to begin with.

      Golden eagles, on the other hand, can handle prey up to the 8 – 10 lb range, and they mostly go for land critters. A small to medium sized cat would definitely fall inside their capabilities so I guess it’s a good thing we don’t see many of them around here (though I saw one a few years ago about 100 miles from here – some of them will spend breeding season in the state). There’s some videos on the youtube of Mongolians hunting with golden eagles, and the eagles are taking down coyote-sized prey (there are golden eagle subspecies in Asia, Europe, & north Africa as well as here – the Asian/Mongolian subspecies being the largest).

  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard
    March 30, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Never mind the nasty, bite-y turtles, it’s the horny turtles with alarming dongs that one has to watch out for!

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