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Eau du poseur? or perfume prodigy?

July 29, 2011 18 comments

If you know me, you know I am motivated primarily by smell. I inhale deeply before I eat or buy or use anything .

So I got a kick out of this site.


A friend of mine once had a job naming colors for a carpet company. She loved to make up lipstick color names. However, she did not  have a manifesto.

CB shows us that smelly titles can be just as much fun.

The first thing I thought, in fact, was that I could use a good house spray this morning. Because CB could waft into my house and bottle “Essence of I cooked 3 heads of garlic last night trying to get rid of all these tomatoes.” 

Lyta, I couldn’t find “Absolute Pissant.” Maybe you could recommend that one.

Some of my own favorite smells: Clean Cubbie, the back of my children’s heads, bleached white towels, pinched basil, old books (but not mildewed books), daphne, dirt, lavender soap. And Chanel No. 5.


Bonus > Guess which four I just had to buy samples of?